MARUWA is a globally leading company for Ceramics in which we hold a top market share in the world. Everything from manufacturing the base material till metalizing the materials is done in house, offering the competitive price, quality, and lead-time. EMC components, Quartz Glass, and LED Lighting are also our specialties!
-Where MARUWA   products used?-
Power devise, Mobile & Network, LED, Automotive Electronics, RF, Power Electronics, IT& Consumer Products, Semiconductor device, Semiconductor Equipment, Medical.ic Components/ Devices



Sarantel Antenna

NFC Antenna

Magnetic Sheets



Block Type Capacitors

Wire-Bondable Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors


EMC Components:

Multilayer Chip Varistors

Chip Type Three-Terminal Capacitors

Feed Through EMI Filters (SMD)

Feed Through EMI Filters

Complex Style EMI Filters

Multilayer Chip Beads


RF Components:

Voltage Controlled Oscillators / Band Pass Filters



Power Inductors MIB Series

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